December 5, 2019

Money-Saving Travelling Tips

Travelling on a shoestring budget may not be for everyone, considering that quality and convenience may be sacrificed. If you try and put it in a good light and coupled with good research and sound plans though, it’s actually possible to satisfy one’s wanderlust even on a tight budget.

Having said that, make your first jaunt for this year more cost-efficient by using these money-saving tips:

Buy your flight tickets at least a month in advance

Airline companies generally follow a timetable when it comes pricing flights: three-day, seven-day, 14-day and 21-day. The more advanced you book your aeroplane ticket, the lower the price it’ll likely to be. So if you want to cut cost on your travel expenses, this is a good choice to make.

Never travel without protection

Most people think that buying travel insurance is pretty useless. On the contrary, you’ll find that being insured can help you save a ton of money. Anything can happen while you’re out there gallivanting. You could be injured while exploring the Australian outback or feel sick while roaming around Universal Studios in Singapore. Or worse, your flight to Zimbabwe could be cancelled. Get something like this Allianz Assistance travel insurance in Singapore and other similar products to have the protection and the financial assistance you need in case of an emergency.

Opt for a budget ’boutique-style’ hotel

Most people associate the word ‘hotel’ with the words luxury and expensive. Fortunately, the number of budget-conscious holidaymakers has increased the demand for clean budget hotels, complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, communal kitchen and many others. One excellent hotel that fits that description is Hotel Zaza Houston. If you want to explore the sights of Queensland without the need to break the bank, consider booking a room at Hotel Zaza Houston early on.

Avoid the crowd

If you can travel offseason, especially if you’re going to a touristy place, wherein you’re bound to find almost everything, from accommodation to transportation and from food to souvenir items, overpriced. Discover Australia has some exciting adventure options for you in the Land Down Under.

Travelling is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. And with these tips, you can both be a globetrotter and a thrift-savvy at the same time.

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