The Cost to Decorate Your Hotel

Decorating your hotel can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Many people wonder how much it will cost to decorate their hotel with the design that suits them. Decorating a hotel can range significantly in price. Overall, decorating an entire hotel can cost anywhere between $11,500 and $111,000. The amount varies depending upon what is done to update the hotel as well as which materials are used. Depending upon what the hotelowner is updating, the price can be lower or higher. This is important to note as it contributes to the overall cost of the project.

JKPlace Paris, hotel designed by architect Michele Bonan, Paris, France . Photo ┬ęKristen Pelou

To complete the design of your hotel, an interior designer should be hired. Interior designers are individuals that are knowledgeable regarding the best ways to design a hotel depending upon preference. For example, if a customer wants to design their hotel with a contemporary base as well as modern elements, an experienced interior designer will be able to help them with that process. Interior designers are also able to read blueprints. That is important as it allows the designer to help their client design their hotel with the right structure in place. Some of the most critical aspects when designing a hotel include colours, lighting and materials. There are many different options for hotel’s owners to narrow down which styles and looks they like best.
There are many ways to style hotel within a budget. Hotel’s owners must decide how much they are willing to spend on the decorating project. Once they have determined how much they are willing to pay, they can start the process. The first step to beginning the process includes choosing colours. By starting with the colours that best suit your hotel, you can build the palette from there. Creating a colour palette is not tricky. Some of the most popular colour palettes include whites, beiges, creams, taupes as well as dark basics such as navy and brown. These types of colours are compatible with the natural elements in a hotel.

Another critical aspect to consider is lighting. Lighting plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of a hotel. Natural lighting is one of the simplest ways to make space look new and inviting. When the hotel has large windows that allow for ample natural light, the entire room tends to look bigger and more open. Hotel’s owners with smaller hotels may want to explore this option in detail as it helps expand the layout of their hotel. Decorating can transform a hotel and truly bring out the characteristics of the structure.
If a hotel does not have ample natural light, this can supplement with lamps and chandeliers. Lamps and chandeliers can range in price from $100 to $400. They can provide a bright light source to draw the attention upward. That creates the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. It is very important when hotel’s owners are looking to brighten up the look and feel of their hotel.
In many cases, hotel’s owners decide to redesign to transform the look of their hotel dramatically. The next aspect to focus on is furniture. New furniture can range in price from $1,650 to $5,500. There are many ways to save money when buying furniture. The first step is to look for clearance, discounted or sale furniture. This will significantly reduce the price. The next tip is to buy second-hand furniture that is in good condition.

Reupholstered furniture has been remodelled using the initial base while changing the cushions and fabric. When choosing materials for chairs and other furniture pieces, it is essential to stay within a colour palette. Keeping the furniture within the same colour scheme allows the entire room to flow. Hotel’s owners want their hotels to look cohesive and let all the elements to work together well. The last aspect of decorating a hotel is accessories. Accessories and wall designs can transform the look of a hotel very inexpensively. The price for accessories and wall designs ranges from $15 to $200. Decorating a designing is simple, exciting and affordable.